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About Us

Cherishable Extensions

CBC's mission statement is to "inspire" customers to embrace their outer beauty and inner character. We strive daily to give a "customer-centric" image to people all over and in every other country. CBC is a cosmetology/beauty company that provides Luxury Quality 100% Raw Virgin Hair wigs, extensions, and more. You'll never forget the "experience" of our luxury service or product. Our biggest mission is to leave every customer satisfied with an everyday smile; when you look in the mirror what do you see? We will soon be releasing hygiene and hair care products that are top-quality, all-natural, and affordable. 

Mission Statement(s)

1. Inspire

" Inspire you to be the best versions of yourself inside and out!"


2 Create The Best Products

3. Customer-Centric

"Striving every day to have everything our customers may need and want. Natural, Hypoallergenic, high vibrational tools and products to make your transition from the bed to the world easier."

4. Give The Experience

5. Everyday Smile! 

" What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity; when all else's fails, smile. At least your hair looks good." 

Tree Branch in the Snow

Our Team


Cherry Monaii (President)

Hey, I'm Cherry! I was 19 years old when I founded CBC. I was inspired by my mother growing up living in a beautician's household and I picked up some skills. I didn't expect to follow in her footsteps but I'm glad I did. I grew up in Chicago, IL, and moved to Flint in 2014. My dream is to catch the hearts of people by enhancing their beauty; so I went to college to become a cosmetologist and now my journey has truly just begun. 

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